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Hutch Interiors Welcomes Tom Hare Willow Sculptor for his first workshop at Hutch

We’ve just run one of our best Hutch workshops yet. Another fabulously crafty creative affair down in the Hutch studio below our shop on the Golborne Road. This time we were lucky to have incredibly talented willow sculptor Tom Hare.

I had read about Tom earlier this year and a project he was doing with the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew. Since I was living in Brentford just across the river from Kew in our one-bed with three kids and two cats whilst doing loft and kitchen extension at our house – but that’s another story - it was high time I popped across the river and had a look. Well, what an incredible experience it was to walk through and enjoy these beautiful sculptures at Kew. So realistic but also majestic – which I admit is a strange word for a mushroom!

hutch workshop tom hare kew gardens willow sculpture mushooms chanterelle morel trompette porcini  

The sculptures ran down alongside the boardwalk towards the Orangery, and were an incredible sight.

 hutch workshop tom hare willow sculpture kew gardens chanterelle morel porcini mushrooms

hutch workshops tom hare willow sculpture kew gardens chanterelle morel trompette porcini mushroomshutch workshops tom hare willow sculpture kew gardens chanterelle morel trompette porcini mushroomshutch workshops tom hare willow sculpture kew gardens chanterelle morel trompette porcini mushrooms

Well we approached Tom to enlist his help to add to the Hutch workshop list, and he travelled to London to visit Hutch in Golborne Road where he ran a willow weaving workshop for us in our Hutch basement studio one sunny day last September.

 hutch interiors golborne road tom hare willow weaving workshop

It was a great session and the group spread out in to the courtyard during the three-hour workshop.

hutch interiors golborne road tom hare willow weaving workshop willow sculpture

Tom brought with him lots bunches of different types willow – colour, width, strength, different types of willow plants. We were given an explanation of how the plant works, and how to manipulate the branches to form the curves and bends that we wanted. Tom got us going by teaching us to create a simple fish sculpture – mainly to get a feel of the plant.
hutch interiors golborne road tom hare willow weaving workshop willow sculpture

Then the group graduated onto a willow sphere. Now I know what the Hutch Christmas scheme is going to look like? Hmm, fairy lights interweaved through the willow – willow spheres suspended in beautiful Hutch window display….. 

hutch interiors golborne road tom hare willow weaving workshop willow sculptureFinally the group were taught how to make a beautiful and practical plant support, for all those sweet peas that were being planned for the following spring. This was where the group spread out into the courtyard.




hutch interiors golborne road tom hare willow weaving workshop willow sculptureGolly, Hutch’s vintage German folding beer tables and benches have been great at workbenches for everyone’s crafty creativity.



The group was really spurred on to try a bit more willow sculpture. And, you never know, may be one day a gigantic porcini, chanterelle or morel mushroom!

Thanks goes to the wonderful and inspiring Tom Hare for his time here at Hutch, and to all those who attended.

Not forgetting Angela, Hutch’s lovely shop manager, who continued to hold the fort upstairs in our mid-century boutique.

Watch this space for details of subsequent workshops. And, click here to visit our online shop where you can sign-up for Hutch Updates on our home page. We feature new finds from France and new mid century restoration projects in the pipeline.

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PS. All photos are my own. 

Deconstruct & Revive!

As you may know at Hutch we love chairs! And, we especially love scouring trade fairs to find unusual mid-century and fifties chairs and restoring them. Take this gorgeous pair of chairs that arrived in the shop over summer which we sourced for one of our clients. We are very happy with how they've been transformed. The chairs have been given a new lease of life, but the fabrics we chose still hark back to the era they were made in.

The journey started with removing the arms and stripping off a thick treacle varnish back to the bear wood, then re-waxing the arms. And doing the same with the legs.

We worked with the client to help her select some fabrics & colours that would complement the setting they would end up in, whilst brining in pops of colour to lighten the feel. 

We ended up using beautiful grey linen from Warwick in gorgeous Slate which is a deep grey but with a bright feel to it. We chose a lime green linen for the piping for the seat edge and the back as well. Reviving the 50s look with a contemporary feel.

Below are a few picks of the chairs as they used to be, with austere dark varnished arms and worn fabric.


Here are some work in progress pics. First we removed the arms, then we stripped off the 'treacle-like' varnish and finally applied a wax. 


We think the end result is gorgeous. 


We look forward to seeing you all in Hutch soon! Be sure to pop in now you're back from your summer holidays. We'll have some more new mid-century & Danish style chairs in the store that we've carefully restored in beautiful fabrics. Plus we've just taken stock of some lovely 50s & 60s sideboards in different shapes & sizes. 

A table! (said with a French accent)


On a recent trip to France I brought back some wonderful 19th century tables from the South West and the Loire. Beautiful 19th century tables in Oak and cherrywood which we don't often see over here. It made me realise the importance of having a great table to eat at for family gatherings formal or informal supper.

This is a fabulous oak table, fits 8, and approx 1.8m x 0.83m, price: £895. Its beautifully aged and clearly well-loved, with two large drawers one on the short side and one on the long side which have been restored with antique oak. I love the simple curved edge which is simple but also work a more formal dining room. Mix different styles of chairs with it for a really contemporary feel.

This table is cherry wood and has been carefully restored, the wood is such a wonderful colour and a great size for London living (and dining of course), it is 1.55m x 0.73m, so not too big but will comfortably seat 6, price: £795. Again a useful drawer on the long side to store stuff for those of us, or actually most of us, in need of extra storage!

And another cherrywood table (1.2m x 0.83m) this time from the Loire which is a perfect kitchen table and has a good substantial width to have an informal supper, price: £595. 

Can't ignore the lovely tables we our shores as well, one of my favourites at the moment is the great Welsh oak 19th century table (1.22m x 0.89m) we have in at the moment, it's got really elegant turned legs which I've waxed in a darker wax. Quite like it! Its late 19th century. and has a lovely grain on the table top!

For more details of these wonderful tables, dimensions and prices click here: Tables 

Going a bit nuts about trunks and chests of late

I've been scouring for trunks and chests - my new obsession. 

This is the first one I bought - which has now been sold sadly. But what a fabulous size and with the original wallpaper in it.

I've been restoring this chest and found some lovely vintage brass handles that work really well with the original latch.

I picked up these two trunks today. Great for toy chests too.

Looking forward to doing a bit of restoring on this one!


I think this industrial giant wicker basket from a wool mill in Cromford Mill in Derbyshire is my favourite!

It's enormous and really sturdy as it was used to carry wool across the mill. 


Small world!

This week I delivered the gorgeous linen cupboard and one of the industrial style coffee tables to a young couple, Phoebe & Tom, who have just bought a flat together. 

Apart from being an awkward delivery - large linen cupboard up 4 flights of stairs - it was also very rewarding.

Phoebe said she thought Hutch was her favourite shop on Golborne Road. Yippee! She loved all the furniture and home interiors we do.

And, to top it off, the flat they bought was one my husband nearly bought just before we got engaged. What a small world! We ended up not buying it as we had to sell my flat first! But, that's another story.

This is another similar coffee table that we currently have in Hutch: 

Click here for more details


Hutch Easter

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First Hutch workshop

We just held our first workshop, how to make scented candles. Six participants learnt the art of candle making, became chandlers in the craft and went home with a few candles, plus some heavenly scented wax melts to fragrance their home.

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